Fear: friend or enemy? Make your fear your strength!

The VALK Foundation began its activities in 1989. Now, nearly 30 years later, we have built a nationwide reputation and are closely cooperating with KLM, Leiden University, Schiphol Airport and other partners.
But over the years the VALK Foundation has also grown into a specialist in effective fear treatment, with 8 therapists: clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and general psychologists.
In case of a medical indication, follow-up psychological treatment is possible, refunded by your health insurance (depending on the terms of your contract).
In 25 years we built up expertise in the treatment of fear of flying and related fears, such as fear of heights, claustrophobia, social phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Often a small number of therapeutic sessions suffice and a (partial) refund by your health insurance is possible.
Do not hesitate to come to us with all your fears. We know them, and we will gladly and effectively help you to overcome them.

The VALK Foundation provides treatment of:

– Fear of Flying
– Panic Disorder (with or without Agoraphobia)
– Claustrophobia
– Fear of Heights
– Social Phobias
– Fear of Driving, and other specific Phobias
– Hypochondria
– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
– Generalised Phobic Disorder

In a life phase in which (negative) life events occur, people can develop fears stemming from e.g. an excessive workload or other task,
and/or untreated traumatic events. Other factors can be natural disposition and social environment.

Our approach to fear:

Fear is a normal, healthy emotion. It is a defence mechanism without which we could not live. So there is no need to see it as something strange
or dangerous or unhealthy, which should be treated. That is why learning to cope with and accept fear is central to our approach.
At the VALK Foundation we do not just fight the symptoms, we lay bare the cause of your fear and tackle it. People can ‘cultivate’ fear by evasion,
on a behavioral level as well as emotionally, and they can do this over a period of years. Indeed, in many cases this results in a generalisation of
the fear to new situations.

What we offer:

During the first session (diagnostic phase), a person’s fears and related complaints are identified with the help of psychodiagnostic questionnaires,
on the basis of which we formulate a ‘tailor-made’ proposal for individual treatment. The patient is informed about the content of the treatment and the duration.
Step 2 is the treatment. We apply evidence-based therapeutic methods like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and other forms aimed at effective and practical
solutions. Treatment starts with an explanation of fear which gives the patient insight into their fear and will motivate them to muster strength for a step-by-step
exposure. It is a process which makes fear at once visible and tangible, and capable of change.
This method is unique and highly successful.

As of 2014, the cost of consultations by our therapists of a General Practitioner or POH-GGZ can be refunded by your health insurance.
We also organise information evenings on the subject of fears and their treatment. Please call us for more information.
We would like you to contact us and, together with you, we will draw up a plan for optimum treatment.